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I know nothing about this culture, but I have one remark: Körös and Criş are simply the Hungarian resp. Romanian name of the same river, see Körös (river). Could it be that it's actually the same site? Markussep 13:23, 25 Oct 2004 (UTC)

These terms refer to archaeological cultures not sites. That they refer to the same river is understandable as the cultures are from similar periods and close environments. adamsan 17:29, 25 Oct 2004 (UTC)


"The word "SERB" is the same as the word "SERF", which means slave in old Roman. The Serbs are decedents of the slaves that were freed by the Romans when slavery was abolished by the Byzantines ( Romans), and also the local inhabitants of "Vlasi". They never had a Kingdom until modern time and had aspirations of being Slavs, which is a language and not a nationality. The Slavic language is actually derived from the Croatian language from the province of Slavonia. This was taught to the tribes north and east of the Kingdom Croatia about the 8th century by Christian monks, Ciro and Methode. The Pope gave authority for them to teach the Serbs, Poles & Russians the written language which today is call Old Church Slavonic in the Russian Orthodox Church."

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!??? Hahahaha... Slavic is derived from Croatian? Serbs were roman slaves? Who wrote this this is nonsense!