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How did whoever wrote this get all their info? I used to know Tom Bassam quite well, played cricket with him. He played cricket for St. Peters CC and football for Brove UTD football team. --Ace Face 12:02, 19 December 2006 (UTC)

On Terrorism[edit]

There is a classic quote by him:

 "The fact that there has not been a serious incident involving 
 liquid explosives indicates, I would have thought, that the measures 
 that we have put in place so far have been very effective."

Baron Elton then brought in that he doesn't understand why 105 millilitres of liquid warrants a ban, whereas 100 millilitres of liquid warrants no action (and critisized the reasoning behind it). This baffled Bassam who thought this might be a scientific reason (har har har, a funny way to say abritrary reason? ;) ).

I think this is really a classic example, and hilarious if I may add so. Should this be part of Bassam's quotes? I put it here on the discussion's page so that others can decide whether it is good to have or not, because if I'd add it myself, it would probably lead to the neutrality of this article being in dispute. The quote can be found/googled from btw