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Sunset High School is in fact in Portland, and has a Portland address, despite the fact that it is in the Beaverton School District. (Feb 8, 2004)

Hmm, my bad then. A good friend of mine attended Sunset, and she was from Beaverton. Between that and the fact Sunset is in the Beaverton School District, I was pretty confident in the decision to relocate. Thanks for the clarification though...
EDIT:I just looked on a map and it appears far nearer Beaverton than Portland. I imagine if the address says Portland it should probably remain as such, but I thought it would worth mentioning. Sarge Baldy 10:07, Feb 8, 2004 (UTC)
For what it's worth, I went to SHS and I lived in Portland (only a mile away from the school no less). You might say the school is in the "transition area" between Beaverton and Portland, but since it is officially in Portland (and this is a factual reference), I think it is most appropriate in Portland. ~same as topic originator (Feb 8, 2004)

Sunset is technically not in a city. It is located in unincorporated Washington County, along with most of its students. It has a street address in Portland, and is in the Beaverton School District, but is in neither Portland nor Beaverton. People who live in this area cannot vote for a mayor and don't have to pay city taxes. Portland has tried to expand into Cedar Mill in the past, to the overwhelming dismay of the locals. Beaverton has announced a plan to expand into areas that include Sunset's enrollment area, but I don't know if the school itself will fall into the new boundaries. Vranish 01:41, 4 December 2006 (UTC)

This has now been clarified in the article itself and I've moved the page back to Sunset High School (Beaverton, Oregon). Vranish's info. was correct, but a little out of date, because Beaverton annexed the Sunset HS property in 1999. As strange as it sounds, in Washington County, a "Portland" street address does not mean a location is in Portland. SHS has always has a Portland street address (although for a time BSD also had an optional P.O. box address in Beaverton for it), but for its first 40 years it was actually in unincorporated Washington County. It has never been in Portland proper, but until 1999 all of Cedar Mill was unincorporated and all of it had–and still does have–"Portland" mailing addresses. Only in 1999 did Beaverton begin to annex some areas in Cedar Mill, including the Sunset HS grounds, followed by another annexation in 2004, but the entire area still has "Portland" mailing addresses. For the purpose of naming the Wikipedia article, I don't consider the street address to be irrelevant, but in this instance the school is both in the city of Beaverton and in the Beaverton School District (which is independent of the city of Beaverton), so at least two out three factors now support a "Beaverton" listing for Wikipedia's Sunset High School article. SJ Morg (talk) 11:17, 21 September 2010 (UTC)

VfD listing[edit]

  • Another reason to have each school as its own page: Suppose someone is moving to Portland, and wants to look into the schools they could live by. They want information on the specific school, not just the district. (Feb 8, 2004)
  • Delete. OliverP is out of control. I have a reason, the reason that I have for all schools and lists of schools, and I don't think I need to keep repeating it. RickK 04:11, 23 Nov 2003 (UTC)
    • I'm sorry, but you do need to repeat it because I don't know what the reason is. I cannot imagine any reason why these should be deleted. --Camembert
  • Thank you, Mr. Camembert. :) -- Oliver P. 04:38, 23 Nov 2003 (UTC)
  • Abstain on Sunset at present. Jamesday 04:44, 23 Nov 2003 (UTC)
  • Either keep, or merge and redirect with Portland, Oregon. Doesn't need deletion. Martin 17:29, 23 Nov 2003 (UTC)
  • I agree with Rick that it's unnecessary to have an article on every high school. Adam Bishop 23:16, 23 Nov 2003 (UTC)
  • Delete. Essentially all the content now lies at Beaverton School District. --Minesweeper 06:29, Nov 24, 2003 (UTC)
    • Should it not be kept as a redirect then? Martin
  • Keep pending discussion on Wikipedia talk:Deletion policy/schools about schools and lists. There is an active discussion on schools there. Personally, if there can be a NPOV non stub on a school, why not keep it? Surely a real educational establishment is at least as important as Hogwarts, the Unseen University and the List of fictional elephants? 00:00, 25 Nov 2003 (UTC)
  • We should keep in all the schools that are put up individually at VfD. (and better yet, have them all recorded on a List of schools so we can keep track of them all if our final decision means we have to delete some). That way, if we make a final decision that schools should be kept when we're deliberating on an all-Wikipedia policy that determines which schools are legitimate for Wikipedia articles and which aren't, we won't have to start from scratch all over again on all those schools people worked so hard on in order to get our coverage of schools complete. Wiwaxia 02:47, 25 Nov 2003 (UTC)
  • The entry is obviously informative and well-written. By any standard that recognizes that the goal of Wikipedia is to be comprehensive, it should stay. --The Cunctator 04:54, 26 Nov 2003 (UTC)

The "result of the debate" (read, what I decided to do) was to redirect it to Beaverton School District, which already had most of the info from here. Martin 15:07, 29 Nov 2003 (UTC)


Well, someone has un-redirected Sunset High School (Portland). Not me, I hasten to add, but I must say that it seems to me a sensible thing to do. Clearly, since we kept the content (at Beaverton School District) and nobody complained after that (as far as I can tell), this was always really a debate about organisation of content, not about inclusion of content. So the question is: given that we have information on Sunset High School, what is the best way to organise it? Putting it on the page about the school, or putting it on a page about the school district? Before anyone answers that question, consider the following...

  1. Somebody mentions their educational background to you. It turns out that they went to this school. Do they say, (a) "I went to a school in the Beaverton School District", or (b) "I went to Sunset High School"?
  2. You know someone who went to a school near there. Do you reply, "Oh! I knew someone who was educated in that district," or (b) "Oh! I knew someone who went to a school near there"?

It seems to me more intuitive to talk in terms of schools than in terms of school districts. I didn't even know that schools were arranged into school districts until these sorts of debates started up! (Is it just an American thing? If so, the strategy used here couldn't be used in general anyway.) My general point is that, given a choice between different ways of presenting information, we should choose the way that makes most sense to the reader. -- Oliver P. 14:51, 17 Dec 2003 (UTC)

Well, those are leading questions. I can think of other situations which lead the other way:

  1. I've moved to a new area/my kids are growing up. I wonder what school I should send my kids to?
  2. I want to petition schools in my area to teach creationism. Where do I send the letters?
  3. How well do these schools co-operate together - any examples of public-private partnership, or joined-up government?
  4. I'm a teacher - where should I go to teach?
  5. ...

I believe that they best way of presenting the current information in the article is as part of the Beaverton article. Having a seperate article that gives only an additional URL and an address is not helpful: see WhatIsTmesis (tmesis?). However, I do see your point, and I don't strongly object to a different organisation.

Btw, it's not a US thing: the UK has LEAs which group schools in similar ways. Martin 19:04, 18 Dec 2003 (UTC)


You may want to consider upgrading this article to conform to Wikipedia:WikiProject Schools. Davodd 07:59, Feb 24, 2004 (UTC)


Someone moved the article to Sunset High School (Beaverton). It was copied and pasted back here, but I've now merged the histories so it's back in one piece now. The school's address does say "Portland" in it, but for what its worth, this map seems to show it being closer to the centre of Beaverton than to the centre of Portland. But see also the following conversation from Talk:Sunset High School (Beaverton). -- Oliver P. 06:36, 13 Mar 2004 (UTC)

Begin moved text

Sunset High School is in fact in Portland, and has a Portland address, despite the fact that it is in the Beaverton School District. User:

Thanks for the clarification, Jeff. Maximus Rex 08:45, 8 Feb 2004 (UTC)

End moved text

No, this is wrong. As explained under "Location", elsewhere on this page, a "Portland" street address does not mean a location is in Portland. And, in 1999, the Sunset High School property (which was never in Portland, was not in any city until 1999) was annexed by Beaverton. See other discussion for more detail. SJ Morg (talk) 11:17, 21 September 2010 (UTC)

links to the high school debate:[edit]

I see that the debate continues to rage as to whether high schools should get articles. there are precedents to delete them and precedents to redirect them. this issue needs to be re-opened. read onward:

Kingturtle 02:29, 11 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Votes for deletion[edit]

This page was recently nominated for deletion, and the consensus decision was to keep it. The deletion debate is archived here. ugen64 20:11, 26 Apr 2005 (UTC)

  • Does this mean all high schools are to be kept? Kingturtle 02:35, 27 Apr 2005 (UTC)
    • There is still no consensus on the general inclusion of schools. According to GRider's Schoolwatch, an average of one school per day is listed on VfD, with mixed outcomes. *sigh* —RaD Man (talk) 06:33, 27 Apr 2005 (UTC)

Number of high schools in Beaverton School District[edit]

The number of high schools in the BSD has changed from 7 to 8 as the International School of Beaverton has/will extend[ed] into the 9-12 grades, and is recognized as a high school by the BSD. Twigge 22:28, 3 January 2007 (UTC)

Notable Alumni[edit]

It seems prudent that this section include the date of graduation for each alumni on the list. Cloud 9 18:22, 12 May 2007 (UTC)