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Syed qasim mahmood
Occupation researcher, Writer, encyclopedist
Nationality Pakistani
Notable works Shahkar Islami Encyclopedia Shahkar Encyclopedia Pakistan

Syed Qasim Mahmood (1928 - 2010) Urdu writer, researcher, Publisher, editor and foremost encyclopedist of Pakistan. He compiled five Encyclopedias, published about 250 books, authored and translated many books and edited fifteen magazines of science, literature and knowledge.

Syed Qasim Mahmood was born in Kharkhoda , Tehsil and a municipal committee in Sonipat, India. At first he wrote short stories and became popular writer. In 1975 he start publishing Shahkar jaridi (Magazine) books. May be he is the first publisher of world to publish books in shape and size of Magazines. He published many sciencetific annd literary books in cheap price so poor man also can make library in his home. He published sciencetific annd literary journals also.

His most important publications was Islami Encyclopedia.This is first Islam related Encyclopedia in Urdu.He also comiled Encyclopedia Pakistan ,Encyclopedia Falakiat(Astronomy) and Encyclopedia Ijadat (Inventions).

His another milestone work, Seerat-i-Nabi Encyclopedia is under printing. Before death he is compiling Quran Encyclopedia and Encyclopedia Ahyaye Islam (Encyclopedia of Islamic Renaissance). He has done marvelous job to promote science and literature activities in Pakistan.