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Cut text[edit]

The following was cut (WP:UNDUE, WP:ADV). If you can find a use for it, most likely in the context of a section on academic courses in general, with citations, feel free to add it back.

"===Symbolic Systems at Stanford===

Stanford University's Symbolic Systems Program (SSP) is one of the leading academic programs devoted to the study of these unique symbol-based systems. The program includes world-class interdisciplinary faculty from a variety of departments, including Computer Science, Linguistics, Psychology, Philosophy, Communication, and Education. The program focuses on computers and minds: artificial and natural systems that use symbols to represent information. SSP brings together students and faculty interested in different aspects of the human-computer relationship, including:

  • cognitive science: studying human intelligence, natural languages, and the brain as computational processes;
  • artificial intelligence: endowing computers with human-like behavior and understanding; and
  • human-computer interaction: designing computer software and interfaces that work well with human users.

The program was originally founded by Tom Wasow, currently the Clarence Irving Lewis Professor in Philosophy and Chair of Linguistics."