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I'm going to work on re-structuring this article. There's a lot of interesting information (that makes me nostalgic) but a lot of it can go to the travel site. Please let me know if anyone else wants to actively edit this page. Thanks. - Cribananda 22:07, 23 January 2006 (UTC)


"Although primarily a commercial centre, there are pockets of residential establishments in T.Nagar, often in the form of flats."

This statement is inaccurate. Simply because of the fact that it is facutally inaccurate!! What ever makes you think it is primarily a commercial centre?? Parrys Corner is an example of a commercial center. So also Mount Road. But T.Nagar has more residences than offices/shops. If anything it is primarily a residential center which has also developed as a commercial shopping center.

Reverting it. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) .

Picture[edit], Why did you remove the picture from the article? Can you please explain here or on my talk page? - Ganeshk (talk) 05:29, 26 January 2006 (UTC)

A little more[edit]

A little more information shall be welcome. Thanks. --Bhadani 16:58, 4 June 2006 (UTC)