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Table of Historical Maps on Wikipedia / WikiMedia[edit]

Notes on Usage[edit]

This table is an auxiliary collection to the existing Wikipedia Category:History Maps and the WikiMedia Category:Maps and WikiMedia Historical Atlas map tracking structures. Any suggestions for automatically reconciling these repositories would be welcome (to User:KTyson).

This table is intended to accumulate entries on as many of the Wiki system historical map image resources as possible, with one central location where pointers to all such resources reside. Keeping the data entries as simple, consistent, and general as possible is a priority.

One possible use of the table is to export it to a spreadsheet (cut and paste works - but be mindful of formatting issues). Then, different filters and sorting operations will give the user a sequence of historical maps on any subject of interest.

Suggestions for Contributors:[edit]

  1. When entering, place the new entry in order by "From" date, then, if further ordering is necessary by "Region" (larger region to smaller, northern to southern, etc.)
  2. If possible, a region should link to an article covering its overall geography.
  3. Keep table entries as simple and consistent as possible.
  4. Let the actual map image file drive the entry (for instance, if the map itself or its title has dates indicated - use those). Interpret dates From and To when there is no other way of assigning them.
  5. Let the associated metadata speak for itself concerning source, history, defects, applications, linked entries, etc.
  6. Reference the Map Type Notes and the Map Made Notes sections for the contents of these columns.