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Areas I Skipped Over[edit]

I've finished expanding this article - but there were some areas that I didn't spend a lot of time writing about:

  • 1. Tactical Airlift
  • 2. AWACS
  • 3. TAC Special Ops Wings

The article was getting a bit long - but then TAC was a major command for almost 50 years.. There are probably some other parts that need to be expanded also..

bwmoll3 17:00 Jan 23, 2007 (UTC)

Add the participation of the 401st Tactical Fighter Wing as serving in Viet Nam[edit]

Complete newbie here, so advice is welcome. I don't expect you to include all of the material below on the page, but I think you should add another unit to the list of TAC participants in Viet Nam. Here is my support:

The 401st Tactical Fighter Wing participated in the Viet Nam war as one of the first responses to the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Operating out of England AFB at Alexandria, LA, the 615th squadron was sent TDY to Clark, Philippines, in May or June of 1964. Some aircraft were being rotated in and out of Taiwan. In June of 1964, they moved at least 8 F-100 Super Sabers with pilots and support personnel to Da Nang. In their first mission, they struck an anti-aircraft installation that had fired on U.S. reconnaissance aircraft. The squadron then mostly provided escort to reconnaissance aircraft and bombed AAA sites until their TDY ended and they were stationed elsewhere. During this time, the 401st flew combat missions out of several bases in Southeast Asia (Viet Nam, Thailand, and Taiwan).

General reference (third page, second paragraph): [1]

Reference and relevant quote: [2] " 615th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1 June-30 September 1964; 1 April-30 June 1965 (TDY from 401st TFW, England AFB LA)

   614th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1 August-30 November 1964 (TDY from 401st TFW, England AFB LA)
   612th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 1 September-15 November 1964 (TDY from 401st TFW, England AFB LA)
   613th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 15 November 1964-30 July 1965 (PCS from 401st TFW, England AFB LA)
   416th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 15 March-15 June 1965 (TDY from 405th TFW, Clark AB PI)  "

Reference: Operation Barrel Roll (first F-100 strike; Laos) [3]

Reference and relevant quote: [4] " The first combat strike by the F-100D was flown on June 9, 1964 when eight F-100Ds of the 615th Tactical Fighter Squadron flew strikes against targets in the Plaines des Jarres in Laos. The first recorded combat loss was an F-100D (56-3085), shot down on August 18, 1964 over Laos. "

Reference: [5]

Personal reference and disclosure: I'm not sure how to handle this sort of reference, which is a personal communication with Maj. Gaylon Smith, USAF retired. He is my father. He was the duty officer prepping that first mission (June 9, 1964) the night before, and he flew a number of other missions with this group. During the time described above, he was a Captain and a command pilot and earned an Air Medal. He later flew the F-4C Phantom with the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing out of Cam Rahn Bay in 1965 and earned the DFC during that deployment.

KTroboy (talk) 14:41, 12 August 2014 (UTC) KTroboy

Point of view question[edit]

In the paragraph about United States Air Forces in Europe, following text is in the current version of the article:

"Deterring the threat of a Communist takeover of Western Europe was considered more important to our long-term survival than a Communist victory in Korea"

At the end is written "... more important to our long-term survival than ... "

Wouldn't it be better to write " ... more important to the long-term survival of the United States than ..."

07:24, 29 August 2007 (UTC)