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Removed some poorly sourced sensationalist claims[edit]

I've removed several items on the grounds that they are poorly sourced and given undue weight.

  • The stuff about low levels of altruism and high levels of selfishness in the Vanity Fair article by Michael Lewis borders on racism. Such a claim could only conceivably be acceptable if it were backed by sociological data from a reputable scholar in a peer-reviewed academic publication. Michael Lewis and Vanity fair are neither.
  • The stuff about modern Greek political families descended from prokritoi and kocabasides is patent nonsense, and unsourced to boot.
  • The stuff about "individual survival being more important than societal stability" during Ottoman rule is also nonsense, and the source is not up to scratch. Athenean (talk) 02:26, 6 February 2013 (UTC)

Blaming the Ottoman Empire for Economoic Crisis and Corruption?[edit]

I get it you hate the Ottoman Empire but is this really necessary guys? Do you really have to badmouth, spill out your hatred at every ridiculous chance? Do you really need to be filled with this much hatred? Why don't you let it go? 196 years... 196 Years have passed since you gained your independence... Don't you think you had enough time to "fix" the "corruption" which is somehow an "Ottoman Legacy" because you guys are so "patriotic" you don't want to pay taxes to your own nation state which can't even make you pay... All because of what? the Ottomans? An empire which you gained your independence from 196 years ago thats almost 200 years what did you do for 200 years? You come to Wikipedia which is supposed to be an encyclopedia and you write Greece can't collect taxes from its citizens because Greeks are such a patriotic nation and they hate Ottomans and Ottomans suck thats why Greek state fails to collect taxes. Why doesn't Turkey fail to collect its taxes and experience economic crisis? What about Bulgaria? What about Serbia? It really doesn't make any sense its pathetic and i feel sorry even for you. You can't solve your problems by blaming the past. Ottomans are responsible for your economic problems and corruption as much as Romans are responsible for the Great Depression(1929). Believe me seeing Greece in such a position doesn't make me happy, I would be happy if you manage to solve your problems but blaming Ottomans is definitely not the way to solve anything. (talk) 22:24, 5 March 2017 (UTC)

Article is unencyclopedic and not objective[edit]

Tagging this article. In all of Wikipedia, only Greece and the United States are singled out for articles about domestic "tax evasion." Upon what scientific, objective, or statistical basis was Greece chosen for such an article and not other countries? Either there should be similar articles about tax evasion in other countries, or this should be removed. Neoellinas (talk) 04:51, 8 January 2018 (UTC)