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Hi, I just had a look at Davis, Bagozzi & Warshaw, 1989 and it should be U and EOU. Another approach is to say PU and PEOU emphasizing the P for "perceived". So I changed it to U and EOU in the article and hope everybody is alright with that! powderfreak80

i want to know about questionnaire technology acceptance model


i want to know how to use technology acceptance model

Hey TAM was created in 1986 and not 1989. Alot of papers seem to get confused with this but the Fred Davis PHD was from 1986. (Dave)

Technology Acceptance model[edit]

Hai you out there! TAM proposed PU and PEOU ! Is this antecedent can feed all human need!! Some say orgaaniztion, some say technology , some say individual and some say implementation !!!

But how about

Organization  - The element that set the goal of an action and what type of the organization that involved. 
Implementation - How the implementation was done and appleid to end user to reach the goal 
Technology - What of technologies that can be gets along with the end user 
Individual - The individual it self requirement on technology 

Where this model must be interaction among them to influence Behavior Intention. Daud (G0337757,IIUM) —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:57, 6 December 2008 (UTC)

Figure of TAM is wrong[edit]

Hi everbody,

the linked figure is wrong as the order of "Intention to use" and "Attitude to using" are mixed up. I changed the picture to the one used at the german article.

Yours, Erich