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Information about Inmarsat +872 numbers is obsolete[edit]

The Inmarsat satellite telephone numbers listed in the article are obsolete. Inmarsat no longer uses country code +872. All Inmarsat numbers migrated to the single code +870 several years ago. It is possible that the rest of the numbers remained unchanged, but we should find an up-to-date confirmation for that. Lincmad (talk) 02:05, 26 May 2013 (UTC)

Use of Country Code +64 (New Zealand) for Pitcairn Islands[edit]

I need to question the correctness of this article. As far as I know, Pitcairn Islands have a few SAT phones plus one payphone (which is probably connected via SAT as well). As far as I know, they don't have any landlines and they don't have any GSM network. So how can the Pitcairn Islands use New Zealand's country code? Even though there are several phone companies which claim that they were able to route calls to Pitcairn Islands landlines (rates start at 16.9 ct/min, depending on operator), I was unable to find any evidence that there is at least one actually diallable geographic number on the pitcairn islands. So what's happening here? Is this:

a) a mistake in the article, and the Pitcairn Islands do not use any numbers in the +64 range?

b) an unused number assignment, i. e. the Pitcairn Islands have an area code in +64 which is assigned but not used (like the Vatican's country code or the .gb TLD)?

c) a mistake on my side and the Pitcairn Islands do in fact have +64 numbers? (unlikely; List_of_dialling_codes_in_New_Zealand doesn't mention Pitcairn Islands)

d) some private arrangement where some Pitcairn Islands resident has subscribed to an NZ-based VoIP service (or similar)?

-- 2001:A60:2196:D601:213:3BFF:FE04:1EE (talk) 21:49, 7 February 2014 (UTC)

Some sources below. They agree Pitcairn is on the Auckland exchange. Reading paulandruthontherock literally, it seems calls from Auckland to Pitcairn are "like a local call" but calls from Pitcairn to Auckland are not (15 cents per minute, dial 00649). To call Pitcairn it's not clear whether Aucklanders dial 00649nnnnnnn or 09nnnnnnn or nnnnnnn; but in any case I guess non-NZ do dial +649nnnnnnn
  • paulandruthontherock (Aug 2012)
    • Is it correct that phone calls from Auckland to Pitcairn are like a local call?
      • Yes we are on the Auckland Exchange. Toll calls are very reasonable but internet is very expensive. Our monthly bill is usually in the hundreds of dollars.
    • Is the telephone system dependent on there being power? i.e. can you ring New Zealand when the power is off?
      • No the telephone system is not dependent on the power being on. You can ring any time. Telephones work though the Auckland exchange. To ring NZ number you dial 00649........... Calls cost 15 cents per minute. When an incoming call comes in you can tell if it is a toll call as it has two rings close together. One ring means a local Pticairn call.
  • Pitcairn Single Programming Document: 10th European Development Fund p.9 (2013) To mitigate isolation, internet connection to the island was established in 2002 and upgraded in 2007 through a dedicated satellite link also providing limited television reception. All the island households have internet connections and phones. The island’s phone system uses the same satellite connection and is linked directly to the Auckland exchange.
  • visitpitcairn In 2006 the British Government funded a brand new Telecommunications system partnering up with STRATOS Global Satellite Communications to implement a system providing Telephones and 256kbps Broadband internet in every home. In June 2012, the system was upgraded to 1Mbps Broadband, dramatically increasing connection speeds.
  • Pitcairn government immigration FAQ (from 2012–2015) "All houses on island are connected to an international phone system and have New Zealand phone numbers. There are two satellite phones on the island for emergencies – these are held by off-island professionals. There are no mobile phone networks on island but it is possible to receive and send text messages if you register before leaving New Zealand."
  • Pitcairn Telecom "To check your Internet usage so far this month, enter the last 4 digits of your phone no. and click 'Go'"
  • Strategic Development Plan 2014-2018 "Telecommunications – provide cellular and wireless internet coverage extending up to 2 miles of the shoreline. ; Install cellular and wireless component to the existing telecommunication system. Install repeaters to extend network coverage up to 2 miles of the shoreline"
    • seeking expressions of interest no later than Monday 11 July 2016 The satellite based service would need to provide the following;
      • A standard 2-wire telephone service for at least 64 premises providing free local calling and billed international calling.
      • A cellular (picocell) service to enable mobile telephone, SMS and Internet data, including the ability to connect home-detention monitoring tags which rely on cellular networks.
jnestorius(talk) 04:01, 15 September 2017 (UTC)