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I suggest a change in the timeline to reflect the breif time in which George was absent from the band during the Get Back Sessions.


I think George should be credited with late-era keyboard playing - his work on Abbey Road with synthesizers was innovative and influential. The organ also became his main chordal instrument for awhile when he was working with the sitar, and he played organ/keyboards on a number of tracks including While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Blue Jay Way, and Old Brown Shoe.

In addition, McCartney and Lennon also played keyboards regularly and McCartney took over for Ringo on drums for the short period that Ringo had quit the band. Lennon also played harmonica regularly during the group's early years.

Those are my proposed changes to the timeline, adding those instruments. I made the changes, but my edits were reverted due to a lack of consensus. Zabboo (talk), 17:44, 9 July 2017, (UTC)