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Removed the following from Peter Wood, posted by anon user

It was "The Surrogate Band," not "The Bleeding Heart Band."

The Bleeding Heart Band was Roger's name for the band he formed after leaving Pink Floyd.

In addition, the name had been switched in this article. Please site your sources! Bjelleklang - talk 05:28, 18 December 2005 (UTC)

Hmm . . . Delete and start over?[edit]

This article's all wrong. I mean, literally wrong from the start -- it's not "The Bleeding Hearts Band", it's "The Bleeding Heart Band". As has already been noted on this page, the BHB did not either appear in The Wall concerts, that was "The Surrogate Band" (insofar as they had a name at all). What's more, the BHB didn't exist by name for Pros and Cons, either. They were just called "The Roger Waters Band", if they were called anything.

It wasn't until When the Wind Blows, just before Radio KAOS, that the band name appeared. My sources on this are Vernon Fitch's The Pink Floyd Encyclopedia, Nicholas Schaffner's A Saucerful of Secrets: The Pink Floyd Odyssey, not to mention the CD booklets for When the Wind Blows, Radio KAOS, and The Wall Live in Berlin.

In addition to being incorrect on several counts, there's the writing: "Although it has appeared as, and been credited as, a band, it has never been a band in the regular sense, but rather a group of musicians put together for a specific concert or show." No kidding? I hear The Attractions aren't really a band "in the regular sense", either. Will wonders never cease?

"When this album [The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking] was released in 1984, as Roger Waters' first solo album, The Bleeding Hearts Band more or less became 'his' band, although with a completely new lineup . . ."

Wow! The Bleeding Heart Band "more or less became 'his' band"? You mean Waters didn't have to sue David Gilmour over it? (Never mind that no event should ever be described in Wikipedia as "more or less" occurring.)

Then there's the sad fact that we have a paragraph about Pros and Cons, which did not feature the BHB, but we don't have anything about When the Wind Blows or Radio KAOS, which both did.

Then, there's the extraneous paragraph in the "Berlin 1990" section, in which the show's technical failures are re-capped. It seems to me these failures have been reported on in detail already, and that an article on Roger Waters's backing group isn't the place for it.

As for Chemay/Farber/Haas/Joyce, I don't think it's appropriate to refer to them as members of the BHB. They were the harmony singers for The Wall, and that's why they were there in Berlin, to recreate that fabulous group vocal sound like they did on the Pink Floyd Wall shows.

Finally, it seems weird to have an article on the BHB without mentioning that, for whatever reason, Roger Waters has retired the group moniker, even though several former BHB members still play with him.

I'd start editing this, but I don't know how to re-title an article and have the bad title redirect to the article.

Then again, I even dare to suggest that perhaps The Bleeding Heart Band might not be quite notable enough for a Wikipedia entry of their own . . . . —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 22:57, 12 March 2008 (UTC)

Oops, sorry I forgot to sign (I also don't know if it's appropriate to indent when replying to yourself).
I have drastically rewritten the article. Never before have I deleted so much of another contributor's work. I'd feel bad . . . but really, this person was massively misinformed, to say the least. There's no excuse for errors as simple as getting the band's name wrong; one need only look at the credits for those albums (I can understand not having a copy of When the Wind Blows on hand, but if you don't have KAOS or The Wall Live in Berlin, what the HELL are you doing writing Wikipedia articles on Roger Waters?!?). Then there's the claim that Pink Floyd's "surrogate band" was the original Bleeding Heart Band. That's just completely made up!
I basically fixed everything I complain about in the previous comment, EXCEPT that I don't know how to retitle the article and have "The Bleeding Hearts Band" redirect to the properly-titled version. Hopefully someone else will do that.
I still question this topic's notability -- seems more appropriate for the Roger Waters article to have the statement, "For a brief period of his career, Waters billed his performances as 'Roger Waters and The Bleeding Heart Band', but in 1999, when he returned to the road after a 12-year absence, he abandoned the band name." Or something to that effect.
Hmm . . . I think the Talk page is now longer than the article . . . .
-- (talk) 01:32, 14 March 2008 (UTC)