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"Face of the Enemy" NOT Canon[edit]


This message contains descriptions of resolutions not only to the novel at hand, but also to Inferno, the Doctor Who TV serial/story to which it is a sequel.

I just added a revision to this article flatly stating that this novel cannot be accepted as canon to the original series. That is because in its latter stages, its true villains are revealed to be counterparts to various Brit characters from the parallel space-time continuum that was depicted in the TV story Inferno. However, there the Doctor was absolutely certain that the alternate planet's destruction had been assured by the penetration of the Earth's crust by the Stahlmann project--in England! It is something of a stretch but not an impossibility for the Doctor to be wrong about the entire planet's fate, but this novel's plot requires several British people to have survived the catastrophe, and therefore the island of Great Britain did. For the Doctor to be that wrong is absurd, to say the least. This is absolutely crucial to the resolution of the plot. Therefore, this novel cannot be canon, and I stand by my revision to that. Ted Watson 20:20, 3 May 2007 (UTC)