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night star[edit]

i created an article for night star if anyone wants to make it as a page here it is

The novel opens with Ever getting to know that Damen is been editing her past life scenes. When Damen was in Shadowland he drank Roman's elixir which saves him from spending eternity in Shadowland. Since Roman is dead now, Haven thinks that Ever is the one who killed Roman(Haven's boyfriend), which was actually an accident. So for revenge for killing Roman, Haven decides to take Ever down. As Ever knows that Haven has decided to take revenge, she alerts Jude (Ever's friend) about Haven's decision to take all of them down.
During all this, Ever starts attending school again. At school, she sees Damen being with Stacia to protect her. As Haven is now immortal she’s powerful.. Ever is in search of white shirt with green stain, Miles (Ever's friend) and Ever breaks out at Haven's place. Before Ever n Miles arrive, Misa and Marco are already present at Haven's house stealing elixir. Because Ever and Jude are present at the same place, Haven tries attacking both of them. During this Haven tells Ever that she is aware of Ever n Miles's breaking into her house.Since Haven has a misunderstanding that Ever stole the elixir, Ever tries explaining that she didn't. Now Haven is in total revenge mood. As Ever knows Haven will kill Jude first, she tries diverting Haven from Jude, saving him from being killed. As a result of the fight ,Haven plunges hard into Ever's throat which leads Ever to her end. As Ever is an immortal, she is in shadowland(place for all lost souls) and Ever gets to see all of her past lives without edits,revealing all secrets. From all of the past lives she is most interested in her Southern life (where she used to work as a slave). After Ever goes through all her past life she now knows what actually her past lives were. Because Ever has sawall the secrets and reasons behind those, she is now sure that she wants to live her eternity with Damen. After this all she realizes the fact, she is now stuck in shadowland and has no escape. As Shadowland is a place of all unreal things,Ever sees that someone's calling her name and waking her up. Though Ever knows its fake but still goes on with it,she sees that all fight with Haven and all is over now and everything happening at that time is things which she always wanted to be like.
After that when Ever opens her eyes she sees that she is laid on the floor and Damen is present there waking her up saying everything is over now. While Ever still thinks this all is fake but then Damen tells her that this is all real,she is not in Shadowland anymore. After that Ever also sees the twins Romy and Rayne(Ever's friends) present there,standing besides her. Then after Jude who was almost about to die is also healed in Summerland by Ava's(Ever's friend) power. After that all Ever n Damen again visit their past lives scenes,this time visiting them all even those who were kept secret till now. As after that Ever takes Damen to the dark side of Summerland to tell some of her secrets. As they proceed in darkside of Summerlamd, Ever & Damen see an old woman there in that lonely place. As soon as the old woman notices them, the old woman points towards Ever saying you are back repeatedly. After that scared by lady's behaviour, Ever & Damen both running to get out from the dark side of Shadowland as soon as they can. Then next day Damen and Ever go to the store where Jude works,to apologize for what he suffered because of Ever & Damen. After that Damen & Ever are headed towards Damen's house, on there way they both decide to again break out into Haven's house for the white shirt with the green stain. As they drive past Roman's old store,which is now kept closed, to find the shirt with the stain but they find nothing there. After that Ever returns to her home,where Haven is present in search of her elixir(potion which helps Haven to stay healthy & young as an immortal) as Haven thinks that it's been stolen by Ever. So then when Haven asks angrily to Ever for the elixir & trying not to give it to Haven, but Haven succeeds in takes it & Haven is now again restored with energy. After that Ever asks Haven why Haven is asking for her for elixir and not anyone else. As on when Haven says that she is asking for Ever elixir as she stole Haven's elixir,but the fact is that it was stolen by Misa & Marco. While they keep arguing about who stole the elixir, Sabine(Ever's aunt) arrives at home which makes Haven leave the house. After that Ever follows her as she approaches to Haven & asking for a deal that Haven gives her Roman's white shirt which he wore the very last day he was killed(as Haven felt for him, she still has it with her) & in return Ever would give Haven all the elixir she needs.
After that when Haven & Ever are at Haven's house for the shirt, Jude is already present there for the same shirt. Now when Haven sees the shirt carefully she gets it that Ever wanted that shirt for the stain from the infamous antidote. After that Haven grips Jude from his neck & threatens Ever that she would burn the shirt & kill Jude. So then Ever sends Damen a telepathic message to come at that place for help, Damen reaches there soon with Miles. As after that Haven tries killing Jude & throws the shirt into the fire place.So Damen reaches to save Jude, Ever reaches for Haven to kill her. So now Haven is killed now, the shirt is burnt, Jude is saved. After that Ever & Damen again visit the dark side of Summerland, they again see the old lady, singing sort of song. As they freak out again seeing the lady, they leave the Summerland immediately, everything seems to get normal now, they start attending the school again.
reception we also get know more about their background more in this book.
Stover explained “the contradiction of an immortal being who is constantly involved in life-threatening situations seems counterintuitive.”[1] PanMacmillian said that “it is such a complex plot with so much happening it’s definitely different to the other books in series.”[2] PacMacmillian added “the showdown is an action pact segment of the book which is amazing”[2]
awards and nominations
Griffin called it a “Wall street Journal Bestseller.”[3] Griffin praised it as “Walmart Bestseller.”[3] Griffin said it is “Nominated for CBC’s “Best Books of 2010."[3]
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