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The Indie?[edit]

I've never heard of it called the Indie...always thought its nickname was "the Indy" e.g.,,1813226,00.html

Liberal and European[edit]

It is a liberal and European newspaper.

We are all aware that the Indie is a liberal newspaper (although the exact defintion of a liberal is unknown) but a 'European newspaper'? Strictly speaking, all British newspapers are European, as the UK is a European country. Do you mean pro-Europe as in pro-EU? In which case, the Indie is also pro-human-rights, anti-fox-hunting, etc, so why mention this in particular? Or do you mean that is published in mainland Europe?

The readership is predominantly southern, based in and around London.

IS there any concrete evidence for this? Are most of its readership from the South of England or Londoners? Please cite sources. -- Axon Wed Jul 16 15:31:38 GMTDT 2003

I agree I've removed the offending items. Be bold. Mintguy 14:59 16 Jul 2003 (UTC)

Page move[edit]

I moved this from The Independent newspaper to The Independent, firstly because the latter is the title, and secondly because there is no necessity for "newspaper".


"Brendan Hopkins headed Independent News while Andrew Marr and Rosie Boycott were made editors of both the broadsheet publications (the other being the Belfast Telegraph)"

I have changed the above as it is incorrect. Marr was made edtior of the Independent, Boycott was made editor of the Independent on Sunday. The Belfast Telegraph though now owned by INM (Ireland) was at the time owned by Trinity Newspapers which merged with Mirror Group Newspapers to form Trinity Mirror.


I have removed the general classification of an Independent reader as "anti-Israel", as although the paper frequently objects to many aspects of Israeli policy in the conflict in that area, referring to readers as "anti-Israel" itself is both an over simplification and inaccurate since few would object to the existence of the state of Israel or condemn every aspect of the country.

Out-of-date figures[edit]

"The paper is currently losing around £5 million a year, but as of March 2004, projects a return to profit by 2005."

Does anyone have any more recent figures? Thanks. Wozocoxonoy 17:02, 28 September 2006 (GMT)