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Note to Prof Poliakoff #1[edit]

Hi Prof Poliakoff,

I want to note that your recent video ([1]) suggests most published PT's are "WRONG". I want to oppose this. For sure, the Wikipedia PT's published over here are consistent & correct. I pose, and you may oppose — but then do so!

Let me tell you that on internet, no one EVER writes in capitals, unless you want to abuse someone.

But my point is: Always, always use the 32-column periodic table. The 32-column Periodic Table would have shown & solved your current problems circa 1978. Had you used the Seaborg PT(32-column). -DePiep (talk)

Note #2[edit]

Oh dear. Just saw the new vid about the IUPAC confirmation of four elements. You still use the 18-col PT, which is a shame to the teaching world. Also, that 18-col PT has the statement that group 3 = 32 elements (Sc, Y and 15+15 Ln, An). Well, that is a pre-Seaborg (1939?) suggestion. I sugget you keep all old PT's in the museum, and start using the 32-column PT as a mature and modern form. Best wishes, -DePiep (talk) 23:21, 20 January 2016 (UTC)