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First, I want to compliment the authors on a well written and interesting article! --Matt Stoker

should this be under "The Presocratics" or "Presocratics"? I know that the article is almost always part of the statement, but is it Wikipedia? I noticed this when the Protagoras entry didn't line up with anything. And is he *really* Heraclitus of Ephesus? I've never heard of another Heraclitus, and I was an undergraduate classics major.

I left it where it was, but created redirects from presocratic, and presocratics which should take care of the non-intuitive link problem. Though perhaps we should have a link from pre-socratic. I really don't want to clutter everything up with redirects, but I think it better to have these than to end up with redundant pages because people didn't know about the correct page name. MRC --- He was Heraclitus of Ephesus, but wasn't there in fact another Heraclitus - a poet?```