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Proposal of Editing Work on this Article[edit]

This article requires a number of matters being dealt with as soon as possible, by any editor that can help:

  • 1. DVD Release Dates for Series 3-8 - Information on this needs to be found out as soon as possible, and confirmation that they were released in both the UK and in Australia; it cannot be removed from HIDDEN TEXT, until the matter is resolved. If no information can be found to confirm they were released, the table must be deleted, with the information on Series 1 and 2 DVDs placed in the DVD section's paragraph.
  • 2. Truth about Show's Axing - There is no proper citations or information about the show's axing. It is essential that editors begin searching for any information that can help to amend and update the article's section about the show's production being cancelled. All that is known is about the speculated belief it was axed in 2009, but no proper information about why it ended in July 2011.
  • 3. I would like to propose the creation of a new article to list all the main characters of The Royal, in a similar style to that of Heartbeat. Granted, this show has only eight series, but I believe it warrants a separate page for this information.

Please, DO NOT REVERT the article back to its former state prior to July 25, 2016. This article requires immediate work upon it, in regards to the above. Also, Talk Pages for articles on TV Shows are not meant to be used as a forum; two talk subjects acted like this. GUtt01 (talk) 22:41, 26 July 2016 (UTC)