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TSOP is an acronym of Thin Small-Outline Package.

This simply refers to the physical shape and size of a "chip". Like a lot of electronic terms it can often be used to refer to its most common use, even though that use has little baring on physical chip packaging.

For example, electronic devices would often have DIP switches. DIP simply stands for dual in-line packaging. However this physical shape and size was suitable for housing small user accessible two position switches.

Another term, although not packaging related is CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor). This in itself is a silicon technology. However chips of this type where so commonly used for PC's NVRAM that the term became synonymous with the settings used to control a PC's BIOS, i.e. CMOS settings and BIOS settings can be switched in conversation without causing confusion.

Similar acronym overloading appears to be forming with the XBOX BIOS/firmware. It would appear to be stored on a chip of TSOP form. Hence numerous references to XBOX TSOP upgrades.


This article seems to be about acronym overloading. There is no description of TSOP, other than expanding the acronym.

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