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What this page contains[edit]

This Wikipedia page includes a paragraph briefly explaining Thukpa bhatuk. The information presented explains Thukpa bhatuk to be a Tibetan Cuisine Soup and is made for celebrating the Tibetan New Year. It is also described as an ingredient used to make Guthuk. This Wikipedia page links Tibetian Cuisine, soup, Nyi Shu Gu, Losar, and Guthuk to this page. What this page needs: This Wikipedia article is missing information that could make it more clear in addition to three main problems that Wikipedia has pointed out. The first problem that Wikipedia has with this article is that it “does not cite any references or sources”. Without proper references to this page it is difficult to view it as valid and in order to solve this issue, citations need to be added from reliable sources. The second problem that Wikipedia has with this article is described as an article being an “orphan”. Meaning, there are no other related articles that link to the Thukpa bhatuk page. The third problem that Wikipedia points out is that “this article has not been added to any categories”. It is important to link this article to categories so that it can be listed with similar articles.

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