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Dara Utman Khel[edit]

Dara Utman Khel, also known as Shaikhan comprise of nine villages e.g., Maniband, Jabaghi, Zara Doghay, Koot Kusha, Sarebegham, Koot, Ghonday, Fazal abad and Shah Kuroonu. It lies in Timergara Urban counsel and located toward the east of Timergara-Dir road. The inhibants of this area belong to the Mandal, subcast of Utman Khel. About 300 years back Abdur Rahim Khan, known as Toar Baba migrated from Bajawar and settled in Timergara. Abdur Rahim Khan was religious and pious personality and known as Toar Baba. But there are five other tombs that are known as Toar Baba in different places in Dir and Bajawar. All the people living there assume the same cast, Mandal Utmankheil. One of the author Suliman Shahid discussed it very briefly in his recent book entitled as; Ghumnam Riasat;. Most probably Abdur Rahim Khan came to Timergara in the times of Akhund Derveza Baba and Toar Baba( the father of Akhund Ilyas Baba). The people of Dara Utmankheil are simple and known in the area for their unity, hospitality and bravery. The most peolple has their ownlands but no good agricturle in their fields, So their economy relies on commercial lands in Timergara Bazar or they doing jobs in Middle East. The education ratio is not high particularly in womens. They are typical pashtuns and observe the old pashtoon traditions. -- preceding unsigned comment added by User:Ilyasin at 2010-04-27T00:58:15 and primarily edited by User:Timergara at 2012-06-17T15:33:41.

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