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Is it only I who notice the similiarities? I thought you weren't supposed to copy stuff right off another page.

Those sites are both Wikipedia:Mirrors. They state on the pages you linked above that the content is from Wikipedia. They're allowed to do this since the content is GFDL. See Wikipedia:Copyrights. Angela. 08:57, May 29, 2005 (UTC)

New India tourism articles[edit]

I have started new articles on India states by using entire sections from this article and then reducing the amount in each of the section afterwards.

Some of the new articles are:[edit]

Tourism in Andhra Pradesh[edit]
Tourism in Madhya Pradesh[edit]

Text from the main page that was misplaced by an ip user[edit]

India is a good place no doubt i am a indian but recent days studies found that ofcourse india is safe to visit but you must be extra careful about the place which you may visit. You need to get references and plan your trip with good care so that you will not run into dangers. You can contact police at all given times and keep references of your respective embassy numbers when you get into trouble just let the police know what is the exact trouble you are having. You just need to have a nominal sim card in the phone you can dial 100 in india at all given times and police will be glad to help you whenever required all major cities today have a good law and order system so I request all the tourists coming to india please do not fear you have got good protection and a great legal system to help you everytime. Recently indian courts have become very good and contact any local advocate for any problems or what so ever.