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Trag is one of the biggest villages of Tehsil Isa Khel(Tarna, an old name),District Mianwali. Trag came into being in between 1660-1685. It is populated by one of the significant clan “Shado Khel” hailing from Niazi Pathan. These people are basically Afghan in origin and adventured Hindustan along with their main tribe i.e. Niazi. Their entry route was Wana----Tank----Dera Ismail Khan and Paniala/ Kundal. They finally settled at the present location of the village.


Trag is named after its notable elder, literally meaning an “Iron Helmet”. He was an adventurous and brave combatant. He was famous for his ever readiness, most of the times seen in combatior outfit. Hence his real name is not traceable. And he became well known as Trag.

The family tree of Trag is Trag bin Jehangir Khan bin Ameer Khan bin Shado Khel bin Khir bin Jam bin Tor bin Habib bin Wagan bin Jamal Niazi. He had three sons Ako, Bako and Khero. Descendants of these sons of Trag occupy main bulk of the village and are known as Akwal, Ibrahim Khel and Kherowal. Syeds, Malik, Balochi Khel, Lihal, Awan, Saandh, Quereshis, Arayans, Bhambs, Buchas, Awans, Gujree khel , Dheor and Jats etc hold significant number in local population and contributing their role in the social development of their beloved soil. The name is often mistaken as "Trag Sharif" or "Trang". It actually is "Trag". Other versions are totally incorrect. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:09, 25 July 2009 (UTC)

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