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External Links Discussion[edit]

I don't think "Sample informal Transferable Skills Analysis as part of a career portfolio" really gives any more useful information regarding TSA. It's mostly just an advertising link to's career portfolio service, so I'm deleting it. --ERI employee 16:33, 23 October 2006 (UTC)

DOT Discussion[edit]

This definition is laced with complete and total support for the DOT which was last revised during 1991 (and really an extension of the 1976 publication). There are various methods when conducting a TSA and one method or software application should not be used as the primary or only source of evidence to support the opinion of an individual's "transferable skills". OASYS and other programs essentially use the DOT which again, has not been revised since 1991. Given the changes in our labor market with a vast number of new positions, decline, reduction and disappearance of older job titles and the changes in technology, it's silly to presume that the only way to conduct a TSA is by using a software package which relies upon the DOT database, simply because it's the "only" product out there and the SSA uses the DOT.

Welcome to Wikipedia Jhiggysd04. If you are going to comment on Talk Pages, you might read Wikipedia:Talk page guidelines - link above. The shortcomings and continued life of the DOT are fairly well described at the Dictionary of Occupational Titlespage. There are certainly other products and ways to perform a transferable skills analysis - but it is worthwhile to spend some time reading about Wikipedia's "credible source" policy - quoting SSA makes it harder for the dauntless people who spend all day scouring new Wikipedia entries and asking for multiple "citation needed" references. Perhaps review "POV" (Point of View) policy before calling something silly. I find Wikipedia to be a very polite community and we usually work toward developing a consensus. Should you return and comment, you might sign your entry with the four tildes. FarmerJohn 15:57, 1 May 2007 (UTC)