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Low priority?[edit]

I feel that it's very strange that this article was placed under 'low priority' in the Palestine WikiProject. Considering it's a fairly well-known town in the Palestinian Territories, I'd say it should be medium-high. -- Ynhockey (Talk) 19:19, 9 May 2007 (UTC)

66% of the total population are living elsewhere[edit]

I think I understand the point of the section, but it's not really correct to say it this way. You can say 'former residents', or ex-pats, but the word population refers only to current residents. I am also wondering where the number came from. --Shuki 23:09, 26 July 2007 (UTC)


Article is of decent size but totally unreferenced. --Al Ameer son (talk) 16:47, 15 October 2008 (UTC)

As far as I remember, the article is mostly the result of bad writing by some anonymous editor, which I went to great length to clean up. However, I don't have much information about the town personally, and therefore can't source most of the info. Even so, you'd be interested to know that all major Israeli gazetteers list PA towns and have basic information on them. -- Ynhockey (Talk) 19:55, 15 October 2008 (UTC)
Yes, I know, I've used many of them for other articles on Palestinian towns. I'll look into some on google books and other sources of info on Turmus Ayya. --Al Ameer son (talk) 22:05, 15 October 2008 (UTC)


A decorated marble sarcophagus was found here and described in 1913 (Savignac 1913; Decouvertes a Tourmous'aya. Revue Biblique 22: 106-111; and Michon 1913; Sarcophage representant Bacchus et les Genies des saisons decouvert a Tourmous'aya. Revue Biblique 22: 111-118.) (I found the refs in Finkelstein) Searching for it brings me this picture which shows that sarcophagus is now in the Rockefeller Museum. In fact, a picture of it was uploaded to the commons, with the mistaken text that it was from Tall al-Turmus. I`m removing it from that article, and placing it here. Cheers, Huldra (talk) 17:17, 29 June 2014 (UTC)