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What was Carlton Hall?[edit]

OK, this is weird. The ship was named for Clarence Frederick Leary, an XO. The paragraph in this Wikipedia article that mentions him is a slightly edited version of the Navy web page on USS Leary, which says:

Born in Fowey, England, 11 January 1894, Clarence Frederick Leary came to the United States with his family as a boy. After the United States entered World War I he was commissioned lieutenant in the Naval Reserve 12 June 1918, and appointed executive officer in Carlton Hall. He died of burns and smoke inhalation when he entered the ship’s burning hold 20 July in an attempt to save both ship and crew. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his self-sacrificing valor.

(Boldface treatment added by me.) Whoever edited this paragraph assumed that "Carlton Hall" was the name of his ship, but I can't find any record anywhere of a ship named "USS Carlton Hall"; the text doesn't say "USS Carlton Hall", which I believe would be the standard on the Navy's pages; and the phrase "in Carlton Hall" sounds to me more like a ceremony took place in a hall — like, an actual hall that people stand around in, called Carlton Hall. Unfortunately I can't find what ship had the burning hold that the Navy website is talking about, so I genericized the paragraph in the article. Future research is welcome! Tempshill 18:46, 28 September 2005 (UTC)

It's a typo; it should be Charlton Hall.[1] DANFS doesn't normally include the "USS" prefix.
—wwoods 19:30, 18 November 2005 (UTC)