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Red (band)[edit]

I'm pretty sure the band named Red, which was previously Uisce Beatha, is not the Canadian folk band. Red is a modern rock band from the United States according to Music Choice (digital music content over cable TV). Does anyone have better information which can disambiguate these two bands with the same name? Mrendo 15:46, 31 March 2007 (UTC)

Red was/is the evolution of Uisce Beatha from Canada[edit]

The article correctly states that Canadian folk rock band Uisce Beatha changed it's name to Red. The switch actually occurred in 1996 before the release of The Fantabulous Mushman. The CD was first distributed by No Records of Halifax, N.S. and Old Songs New Songs in Germany before being distributed by Page in 1997/98. Founding members Alan and John Glen still use the names Uisce Beatha or Red when performing, mostly in their new home in Germany. The US based band with the same name is newer and is likely unaware of this other Red. --Cathcartrev 04:01, 31 May 2007 (UTC)

Merger proposal[edit]

I propose that Voice of the Voyager, The Mystic of the Baja and The Fantabulous Mushman be merged into Uisce Beatha (band). These are three albums released by this band. After a number of years, there is still very little written about each of these albums, and they would likely not pass an AfD. The band article is quite short and light on references. Together the band article and the three album articles would make one cohesive and informative article. —Anne Delong (talk) 19:06, 15 May 2017 (UTC)