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I see a need for a separate article. There is a big difference between all nations giving up nuclear arms, and one nation giving them up

The ideal of all nations giving up nuclear arms, or reducing them below the MAD threshold is shared by a substantial number of people. The strategy of one nation taking the lead, and hoping that others will follow, is debatable. During the Cold War two starkly opposed viewpoints were:

  1. "our side" (or The West) should give up nuclear weapons (voiced regarding certain Western nuclear powers), vs.
  2. "we dare not" reduce the "nuclear deterrent" lest opponents or rogue nations launch a decisive or devastating first strike

Are all these ideas important? Are all these ideas easily locatable in Nuclear disarmament? If not, perhaps a companion article could be a quick reference to important ideas about unilateral vs. universal disarmament. --Uncle Ed (talk) 14:41, 29 November 2008 (UTC)