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This topic was on the list of articles requested for more than a year, but it turns out that no other article had a red link to it. - Dalbury 16:42, 1 November 2005 (UTC)


Shouldn't it be mentioned that the Republic of China (Nationalist China/Taiwan/Formosa) offered troops to the UNC under UNSC resolution 84 but was refused because their presence might have brought Red China (PRC/mainland China) into the conflict? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 07:36, 20 September 2011 (UTC)

CINCUNC careers[edit]

Anyone know where there's a definitive list of CINCUNC/USAFFE/USFK/EUSA commanders? I compiled this one from assorted biographical articles, and it was surprisingly difficult to find all these guys. Morinao 17:44, 10 May 2007 (UTC)

Date Name Previous 4-star job Next 4-star job
1 1950 - 1951 GA Douglas MacArthur CSA, 1930-1935; CG USAFFE, 1941-1942; CINCSWPA/CG USAFFE, 1942-1945; SCAP, 1945-1946; SCAP/CINCFE, 1947-1951 (retired)
2 1951 - 1952 GEN Matthew B. Ridgway (none) SACEUR/USCINCEUR, 1952-1953; CSA, 1953-1955.
3 1952 - 1953 GEN Mark W. Clark CG 15th Army Group, 1944-1945; U.S. High Commissioner of Austria, 1945-1947; CG 6th Army, 1947-1949; CG AFF, 1949-1952 (retired)
4 1953 - 1955 GEN John E. Hull VCSA, 1951-1953 (retired)
5 1955 GEN Maxwell D. Taylor CG EUSA, 1953-1954; CG USAFFE/CG EUSA, 1954-1955 CSA, 1955-1959; MILREP, 1961-1962; CJCS, 1962-1964.
6 1955 - 1957 GEN Lyman L. Lemnitzer (none) VCSA, 1957-1959; CSA, 1959-1960; CJCS, 1960-1962; USCINCEUR, 1962; SACEUR/USCINCEUR, 1963-1969.
7 1957 - 1959 GEN George H. Decker DCINCEUR, 1956-1957 VCSA, 1959-1960; CSA, 1960-1962.
8 1959 - 1961 GEN Carter B. Magruder (none) (retired)
9 1961 - 1963 GEN Guy S. Meloy Jr. (none) (retired)
10 1963 - 1965 GEN Hamilton H. Howze (none) (retired)
11 1965 - 1966 GEN Dwight E. Beach (none) CINCUSARPAC, 1966-1968.
12 1966 - 1969 GEN Charles H. Bonesteel III (none) (retired)
13 1969 - 1972 GEN John H. Michaelis (none) (retired)
14 1972 - 1973 GEN Donald V. Bennett (none) CINCUSARPAC, 1973-1974.
15 1973 - 1976 GEN Richard G. Stilwell (none) (retired)
16 1976 - 1979 GEN John W. Vessey Jr. (none) VCSA, 1979-1982; CJCS, 1982-1985.
17 1979 - 1982 GEN John A. Wickham Jr. (none) VCSA, 1982-1983; CSA, 1983-1987.
18 1982 - 1984 GEN Robert W. Sennewald (none) CG FORSCOM, 1984-1986.
19 1984 - 1987 GEN William J. Livsey (none) (retired)
20 1987 - 1990 GEN Louis C. Menetrey (none) (retired)
21 1990 - 1993 GEN Robert W. RisCassi VCSA, 1989-1990 (retired)
22 1993 - 1996 GEN Gary E. Luck (none) (retired)
23 1996 - 1999 GEN John H. Tilelli Jr. VCSA, 1994-1995; CG FORSCOM, 1995-1996 (retired)
24 1999 - 2002 GEN Thomas A. Schwartz CG FORSCOM, 1998-1999 (retired)
25 2002 - 2006 GEN Leon J. LaPorte (none) (retired)
26 2006 - present GEN Burwell B. Bell III CG USAREUR, 2002-2005

Combined Forces Command[edit]

Currently, searching ROK-US Combined Forces Command redirects to this page on United Nations Command. Although the Commander CFC is dual hatted as the Commander UNC, they have distinctly different roles, authorities and responsibilities. I am sure here is much more to warrant a separate page. Key items of interest:

  • Why CFC was established distinct from UNC in 1978.
  • Where CFC receives its strategic direction.
  • Roles of UNC and CFC in conducting and supporting armistice maintenance.
  • Armistice OPCON Transition in 1994.
  • Agreement to transition Wartime OPCON transition to ROK JCS by 17 April 2012 and arguments for and against transition.

Additionally, I noted on this page that is lacks much detail:

  • The 1950 Busan Letter where Syngman Rhee transfers Operational Command of ROK forces to UNC
  • The 1983 UNC Terms Of Reference, an unclassified document that lays out UNC's authorities and responsibilities

Among others. I am interested and going to start here, but this is my first series of edits. I look forward to any input and interest. Gerswing (talk) 11:07, 18 April 2010 (UTC)

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