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  • Add appropriations(power of the purse) to blurb about legislative branch in government and politics section
  • Cut the Government and politics section to 4-6 paragraphs by moving the least important facts and details to subarticles.
  • Merge Education section with material on education in the Economy section into a 1-2 paragraph section. Will need to move some details to subarticles.
  • Merge Health section into main Demographics section, no more than 1 paragraph. Move least important details to subarticle.
  • Merge Indigenous peoples section into ethnic group coverage in main Demographics section, moving details to subarticle.
  • Slavery was not merely a state's rights issue, but a moral issue as well. Although the North did practice slavery, its drive to eliminate the practice was not based on economics alone. Yet the article fails to even hint at a mention of that. Written by conservative federalists, I presume?
  • The settling of the United States should be presented in clear chronological order. It is very confusing to figure out who settled where and when. Don't jump around with the dates.
  • The use of the term "American" to refer to someone from the United States is considered offensive to many in Latin America, who commonly use the term "estadounidense" for such a person. This should be included in the "American as an adjective" section.