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Please provide reference for "old logo"![edit]

Until now, the ONLY logo I've ever seen for the Interior Department is the historic "buffalo" seal. There is NO reference either here or in Commons for the "old logo" as presented on this page. If a reference cannot be provided, I suggest that it be deleted. --RBBrittain 16:59, 20 January 2007 (UTC)


Winners never quit and quitters never win - but when you never quit and never win there is something wrong. After nearly seven years of working for BLM and DOI in the area of business and IT architecture I was able to see the first-hand serious problems that permeate these parts of the Federal Government. Taxpayers would save lots of money if Federal Land were handed to the Nature Conservancy for management. If you ever saw an old western with the crooked Indian agent in it - he was working for DOI. The Cobell lawsuit against DOI hopefully will be resolved in favor of the Indians. There are billions of dollars missing in oil and gas and mineral royalties owed to the Indians by DOI. DOI's Internet access has been shut down by Judge Lambert many times now. The sad truth is the attacks on DOI information is not coming from outside the DOI but from ignorant employees who lack training.

If one works for the NSA, CIA, Dept of the Army, etc. one can get tuition reimbursement from ones employer. Advanced degrees are encouraged at these agencies and departments. In house software developers at BLM created an electronic system for employees to enter their daily time card data. Engineering reviewed their approach and the developers were advised to monitor their network usage for the application. The project manager had a fit at the suggestion. This is just common sense for any project that makes use of a WAN resource. A few weeks before deployment the developers had determined that a single user would transact 10 megabytes of information just for a single time card! Engineering had to step in at the last minute and contract a Lotus Note application developer to re-factor the application. The WAN was a confederation of fractional T1/frame relay lines and could not handle the traffic of an inefficient application. The taxpayer pays daily for this lack of boobs on the part of DOI employees. System administrators are not engineers. DOI has too many of these employees and most of them have questionable professional credentials. DOI and BLM must turn their culture around and hire the necessary IT professionals to get the job done. DOI must drive the centralization of IT to move it from the individual offices across the country to a few offices across the country based on business architectural requirements.

DOI faces a serious challenge in leadership, asset management, information management, security, chain of custody systems and other areas but lacks an organizational architecture to stop wasting money and implement changes necessary to cut costs. One specific situation involved the need to inventory computers across the BLM specifically and across DOI as well. BLM spent over 6 million dollars implementing Tivoli enterprise management across 147 sites. The system provided two inventories before the system was sabotaged by the system administration employees systematically across the BLM. This became known as the 6 million dollar scan or to some of us as the 6 million dollar SCAM. The system administrators wanted to continue the existing system of doing "data calls" across the state offices. This approach, of course, allowed them to "cook" their data reporting. The final nail in the Tivoli coffin was driven by a Windows administrator at NIRMC in Denver decided he wanted to deploy a Microsoft SMS solution. BLM was spending around 60 million a year on system administrator labor when they could have centralized their IT and drastically cut administrator labor.

Check out to get the truth about DOI. Godzilla1138 04:46, 28 April 2007 (UTC)

Bush Administration[edit]

They did much damage to the country. How would you like to read a headline that says that Old Faithful is gone because of oil/natural gas fracking? We need to preserve our lands for future generations, not destroy them in the name of profit. --JLAmidei (talk) 10:59, 14 December 2012 (UTC)