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I removed these two sentences today. I think I was the one who originally added them: Another problem on University Hill is crime. Night-time violence particularly has increased in recent years. Most such crimes are muggings, possibly reflecting the poverty of the surrounding neighborhoods.

After checking the Syracuse Police's crime maps, this claim is really overhyped. As a former Syracuse University student, I know a big deal is made every time there is an incident in the University Hill neighborhood. But, looking at the maps, the neighborhood is one of the safest in Syracuse. In November 2006 I counted three burglaries and one robbery. Calling crime in this neighborhood a problem is a matter of opinion. If someone is from a suburban gated community, he or she might feel in danger every time they set foot on University Hill. If someone is from a truly dangerous neighborhood in the United States or even in Syracuse, he or she might feel completely safe. -newkai t-c 00:26, 19 December 2006 (UTC)