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Pegasus Connection[edit]

Seeing as I now have had to revert the "Communities" section twice, I would like to make clear that Pegasus Connection is NOT a housing community affiliated with the university. It is owned by College Park Communities, which also owns Pegasus Pointe and Pegasus Landing which ARE affiliated with the university, but College Park Communties does not have such an agreement with the university for Pegasus Connection; Pegasus Connection stands alone. This is represented on the official websites for these communities; Pegasus Pointe and Pegasus Landing both clearly have "UCF Affiliated Housing" listed on the title of their pages, whereas the website for Pegasus Connection does not have this at all. Protime 12:18 (EST), 17 February 2006

It would probably be better to re-word the intro with all the enrollment stuff. It sounds sophmoric and obsessive to talk about who has the most students. Enrollment is not an indicator of quality. Be more clear and concise, mentioning enrollment and rankings only once, maybe twice.


What do you guys want to do with the football article? It is constantly changing because the season is still in progress. I'm for removing the O'leary quote and the link to the non-existant UCF Football wikipedia entry. What do you guys want to do? Any ideas? ~~hectorhector

I cleaned it up a little bit and was surprised to find that O'Leary didn't have an article of his own (I changed that.) I think we should remove the quote as well and I have no problem updating the section as the season progresses. Gonk


There is not currrently a section for athletics for the university. I personally do not know a bunch about the different athletics at the university, but I believe a section shoul dbe made talking about the different sports that we have at the unversity. Most of the sports are usually in the top 10 and it now appears that football might be coming back.

Added! - Hectorhector


Does anyone know how the college ranks in the 2006 U.S. News & World Report of Best Colleges? Florida State has this on their page and it is helpful.

The University of Central Florida ranks as a third tier university. Number ranks are only given to those schools ranked 1 through 124. Those schools ranked 125-180 are considered third tier and do not have a specific rank. These schools are just listed alphabetically on the report. Schools ranked in 4th tier are also listed alphabetically and do not have a set rank. Hope this helps.

  • UCF is now ranked in Tier 4 per the 2006 and 2007 editions of US News. This reference is repeatedly posted, yet keeps being deleted. Why is this drop in ranking being deleted? UCF went from a Tier 3 to a Tier 4 per US News.
UCF was ranked tier 3 in 2006. It is currently ranked as tier 4 (2007). The most recent (currently 2007) should be there in my opinion. The older one might be of interest, but as history not in with the rankings.

Golden Knights to Knights?[edit]

Should we put in about how UCF athletics will be changing from the Golden Knights to the Knights?

UCF Rap Song[edit]

Would putting up that UCF has it's own rap song be of any use? Does anyone know what the rap song is called? (yes it exists) --