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USL/USO were never part of Bell Labs[edit]

UNIX System Laboratories (USL) was a subsidiary of AT&T. USL never was part of Bell Labs; nor was its predecessor company, UNIX Software Operation.

AT&T announced the creation of the UNIX Software Operation -- a separate AT&T business unit responsible for the development, marketing and licensing of UNIX System V software -- on 4 January 1989. USO included the AT&T Data Systems organizations responsible for UNIX product planning and management, licensing and marketing. Peter Weinberger was named chief scientist of USO while also retaining his job in the computing science research center at Bell Labs; no other Bell Labs assets were transferred to USO.

UNIX System Laboratories, Inc. was created as a separate subsidiary of AT&T in November 1989 and was assigned all U.S.-based AT&T and USO assets, but USO continued to operate as USO until 25 June 1990, when the reincorporation of AT&T's European and Asian Unix business operations as wholly owned subsidiaries of USL was completed.— Preceding unsigned comment added by Rpmuldoon (talkcontribs) 11:17, November 11, 2010 (UTC)