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Removed text[edit]

I removed the following text:

  • Sensor fusion: Combining information from different sensors for use on board the vehicle
  • Communications: Handling communication and coordination between multiple agents in the presence of incomplete and imperfect information
  • Path planning: Determining an optimal path for vehicle to go while meeting certain objectives and mission constraints, such as obstacles or fuel requirements
  • Trajectory generation (sometimes called Motion planning): Determining an optimal control maneuver to take to follow a given path or to go from one location to another
  • Trajectory regulation: The specific control strategies required to constrain a vehicle within some tolerance to a trajectory
  • Task allocation and scheduling: Determining the optimal distribution of tasks amongst a group of agents, with time and equipment constraints
  • Cooperative tactics: Formulating an optimal sequence and spatial distribution of activities between agents in order to maximize chance of success in any given mission scenario

Tony Mach (talk) 06:41, 5 August 2012 (UTC)