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"IE8 Usage … Triples?!" – and back too normal next month – do not read too much into short term trends.. [possibly because of botnet, but denied.][edit]

"Despite extensive investigation we have not found any evidence of bot or other invalid activity in the December stats. The spike in IE 8.0 may have been a seasonal issue [..]" (seen by hovering over)[1] Original link I posted - also interesting[2]

[The rise of IE 8 (and corresponding fall of Chrome) is not seen in e.g. Asia or Europe numbers, but is noticeable in Worldwide numbers (it's that big). Even if all non-desktop platforms are included a slight blip in Chrome is seen.]

[Note below are links with "Worldwide Desktop & Tablet Browser Statistics" while StatCounter above shows desktop (and I believe tablets where not affected). While blips like these take from Chrome desktop and not absolute tablet or mobile numbers, they change relative mobile/Android/iOS numbers..]

"We may never discover the real reason behind IE8’s phantom jump. Perhaps it’s just a statistical blip — unless you can concoct a better conspiracy theory?"[3]

Older article from same guy at sitepoint: "Have US web users suddenly turned nostalgic for ancient browsers? One potential explanation could be the high profile corporate hacks and denial of service (DoS) attacks on the Xbox and Sony gaming networks. DoS attacks generally rely on malware distributed to thousands of devices — and Windows XP is an easier target than most. Presuming the malware cloned the default browser’s user agent string, it could look as though traffic originated from IE8.[..]

The blip means it’s difficult to comment on the performance of other browsers — they all dropped. Firefox lost half a point. Interestingly, StatCounter did comment that Yahoo is used three times more often on Firefox in the US now that it’s become the default search engine for version 34."[4]

Strange "Nokia 0" web browser[edit]

I was looking at data for Madagaskar at StatCounter, broken down by web browser versions, not just by web browser (the CSV-data file). I noticed in column J in my report, "Nokia 0" web browser (and "SonyEricsson 0" about as popular, just fluctuating a bit) at 2.15% market share. Nothing to worry about, some old feature-phone web browsers, I thought. Except, Nokia's market share has been steadily increasing from 0.55% in 2017-09 (except for slight dip in 2018-05). I find this strange, but it could just be correct. Maybe all the old feature-phones end up in Madagaskar... Anyone know what browser it may be? I'm not saying this is it, but googling I found "new" web browser in this old Microsoft thread from 2012 that ended in 2013 (while confusingly marked "Last updated September 7, 2018", and I'm not sure why)[5], so I suppose no longer new and shouldn't be gaining in popularity...

In the same time frame, Internet Explorer goes from 0.2% up to 0.59% while ending in a similar place at 0.1%. Some brower versions are understandably going down (e.g. Opera Mini 7.6), and others up (Opera Mini 7.5 while strange as older; still it and 7.6 both close to 3% the whole time); even older Opera Mini 4.4 is the most by far popular single version there (of any web browser, not just Opera) at 20+, up to 26%. I did look into this country to look into why unknown" is sky-high up to around 40%, but it seems the numbers add up in this report, in their other report, they may not know how to categorize some web browser versions. comp.arch (talk) 19:55, 2 November 2018 (UTC)

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Wikimedia statistics[edit]

Does anybody know what the methodology is for the Wikimedia statistics in the summary table? I was going to try to update them, but I don't know how they should be aggregated or anything like that. HoboMcJoe (talk) 13:55, 17 May 2020 (UTC)