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There appears to be a restriction of using "Valley of Jarama (song)" "Jarama Valley (song)" or any permutation thereof in any context other than the river Jarama in Spain. There is talk there of this at:

Wikipedia:Administrators' noticeboard/Incidents#New admin: I may have found a case for merging page histories

to which I commented, with a few options, but have so far had no reply.

The background: There is a famous political song variously called "Valley of Jarama", "Jarama Valley", "El Valle de Jarama" and "There's a Valley in Spain called Jarama". It has been around for fifty years and is referred to in most of the serious literature concerning the Battle of Jarama, the XV International Brigade, the British Battalion and the Lincoln Battalion. There's an article here on it There's a Valley in Spain called Jarama (Song): this is based on the first line. This is fine and dandy but it's incredibly cumbersome.

This morning I created an article called Valley of Jarama (the only extant name of the song, dating from 1938), cut and pasted the article (which I wrote) from There's a Valley in Spain called Jarama (Song) into it and requested a speedy delete of There's a Valley in Spain called Jarama (Song).

Instead, the article was reverted to There's a Valley in Spain called Jarama (Song), the Valley of Jarama redirected to point to the geographical Jarama and the links redirected to it as well.

I don't understand what is going on and why this should be so sweeping. Roger 22:00, 18 April 2007 (UTC)