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What's the definition of a variator? Obviously it's a variable ratio drive component, but is it (as some comments at Commons suggest) also restricted to such devices that work by friction? i.e. Are fluid couplings and torque converters included?

Is this article correctly named? We need an article on the broad topic of "variable speed drives that are simple mechanical devices" (using any method), but is Variator a good title for these, or should it merely be one section within the article, for pure-friction devices?

My own opinion would be to keep this article name, and the broad scope. Also I would claim that fluid couplings aren't variators (they allow slip, but so do some clutches) but a torque converter would be, as it has an effective ratio that is variable, without any more deliberate slip than the theoretical minimum.

There's also the question of the Beier variable-ratio gear, which (like the Hele-Shaw clutch) uses viscous drag in thin films rather than literal friction, but certainly isn't the same sort of hydraulic device as a torque converter. Andy Dingley (talk) 13:12, 17 February 2010 (UTC)

At least temporarily, a WP:DABCONCEPT may fit, so the creation of primary meaning of variator and inclusion of relevant articles in WP:SUMMARYSTYLE. I'll tag expert and they can change if needed. Widefox; talk 13:41, 6 January 2015 (UTC)

Is this an actual topic?[edit]

Based on the article, it seems like this is more of a definition, appropriate for Wiktionary, than an article appropriate for Wikipedia. -- (talk) 17:55, 25 November 2015 (UTC)

WP:DABCONCEPT Andy Dingley (talk) 18:35, 25 November 2015 (UTC)