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The Tochal Telecabin Complex in Velenjak street has various sports clubs (fitness centers) and sport facilities in skiing, hiking, archery, climbing, paint ball (gunfire) and body building. Tochal complex has 4 different ski slopes. The advantages of this ski resort in comparison to others are: It is close to the city ( about 20 minutes ) There is a safe way to the ski slope Luxurious Tochal Hotel is close to the ski resort Fairly cheap ticket prices Best ski equipment from rental center. 3 telesiege routes and 1 teleski Most experienced ski trainers ski route was built from station 7 to station 5 in 2005. These 3 ski routes are connected together, extending the total length of the ski to more than 6,000 meters. 1. Ski Slope in Station 7 (Peak): This slope is started from the foot of Tochal (at 3850 meters) and ends in the hotel (at 3550 meters). The length of the slope is 1200 meters and according to the presence of experienced trainers and the very suitable slope, it has become an exhilarating place for skiers.There are one Doppelmayr chairlift and one teleski improvised in this ski slope, for transfering ski players.Because of the height of the ski slope in station 7 (more than 3,500 meters above the sea level), similar to the Sabalan Ski Resort in Azarbaijan, these slopes are covered with snow for more than 8 months during the year. Also Half Pipe is available for the customers in this ski slope. 2. Ski Slope in Station 7 (Western Foothill): This slope is located on the western foothill of the Tochal Mountain and the unique views of the surrounding mountains have given it a spectacular manifestation. The length of the ski slope is 900 meters, the peak having 3,750 meters height, and its lowest spot (Tochal Hotel) is 3550 meters high.French Poma chairlift is built in this slope for skiers. 3. Ski Slope from Station 7 to Station 5: The length of this slope is about 3,000 meters; its highest point is 3750 meters high which ends in station 5 at the height of 2,940 meters. 4. Ski Slope in Station 5 : The length of this slope is about 900 meters; its highest point is 2940 meters high which ends in height of 2,820 meters.Poma chairlift is built in this slope for skiers.