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Why the SITTEN bit of Ignaz Venetz-Sitten's lastname was wilfully left out on naming "Venetz Peak"?[edit]

Taken from the Geographic Names Information System (seemingly some kind of American version of the L'Académie française) it reads that Venetz Peak was:

"it was named by the United Kingdom Antarctic Place-Names Committee (UK-APC) in 1971 after Ignaz Venetz-Sitten (known as Venetz, 1788–1859), a Swiss engineer"

A citation is needed anent the naming of Venetz-Peak by the aforesaid UK-APC. Furthermore, haps the whyfors has to why the "Sitten" bit of the lastname "Ignaz Venetz-Sitten" was left out in the naming of the mountaintop. Haps the NWO 'proxy Frenchification' of Swiss German placenames and suchlike? The 'official' overnaming of Sitten to 'Sion" these days.