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Venezuelan Hemorrhagic Fever[edit]

I will be adding a few more sections to this page including history, virus and host. I have found limited information on these topics and am aware that this page is part of two projects, viruses and rodents. I am a student at UW-Eau Claire and am new to Wikipedia and trying my best! I will be continuing to make edits and adding sources to this page but please feel free to add relevent information. — Preceding unsigned comment added by No2thdk (talkcontribs) 17:12, 24 April 2012 (UTC)

Peer Review Comments[edit]

I think you did a great job relaying a lot of new information. I would suggest using an internal link to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus under the virus section to better explain the examples of new world and old world arena viruses. I would also suggest adding another section about the treatment if you have any information about that process. A picture of the host mouse could be helpful as well, but I know how tricky it is to get images released. My final comment is that there are differing spellings between haemorrhagic and hemorrhagic. I don't know if that is intentional, but if not, changing that would help as well. Other than those few suggestions, the information is clear and fits the article very well. Jaworspk (talk) 17:07, 26 April 2012 (UTC)

Copy Edits[edit]

There are only two things I can see that need a little more editing. The sentence "the CDC has assigned a biosafety level of viruses causing viral hemorrhagic fevers a four, the highest biosafety level" is confusing. I would rewrite it this way "Viruses causing viral hemorrhagic fevers rank a four, the highest biosafety level, on the biosafety level scale assigned by the CDC" for example. The other confusing part is the treatment. The two sentences contradict themselves. Is there a vaccine or not? Is Ribavirin used but ineffective? I think the sentences could use a little more information. Other than that, the article looks great! Jaworspk (talk) 16:42, 1 May 2012 (UTC)