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The background information is concise and useful. You might want to explain why Trajan used his own money to construct the Via Traiana. Did he benefit directly from the new road? Also, a map of the route would be very helpful in visualizing the differences between the Via Appia and the Via Traiana and the advantages of the Via Traiana.

-Eric Hanson

Overall a good article. In the introduction paragraph you might want to mention that the Via Appia ran from Rome to Brundisium to clarify that the "shorter route" is also a shorter route from Rome. You may also want to mention the modern names of the Italian cities, as you did with Brundisium in the introduction paragraph. Otherwise, quite clear. -Joe Eckart

Good job on following the convention of when/who/where/how/why. The article gives clear illustration of Via Traiana with adequate details as well as background information. For the first paragraph of your article, you may want to briefly mention about where such cities like Beneventum and Brundisium are located in relation to the city of Rome, just to give some sense to the readers. Maybe you could rephrase the second sentence of your background section by limiting the use of the word “of” that could help the article sounds more succinct. Maybe you could specify the location of Venusia and Tarentum, or even give a link to other Wikipedia articles on those cities. The route article is well written with strong evidence and usage of numeric details.

- Taeyoung Kim