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The list[edit]

1. What is an an "epaulment"? The nearest my dictonaries can get is 'epaulette'. As an ex-Royal Engineer, I thought I knew most of the terms used in fortifications, but this one has baffled me.
2. "...capable of accomodating a regiment (PRO MPH 234) and later a full battalion of infantry". I don't know what 'PRO MPH 234' means, but I do know that 'battalions of infantry' make up a 'regiment'.
3. I have changed 'deblai' to 'debris'; if it's wrong, please change it back.
4. Who are 'Col. Jervois, Col. Mann, De Grognet, Adyne, General Simmons and Nicholson and Goodenough'? They all suddenly appear, without introduction, which is, to put it mildly, rather confusing.
5. "The trace of the intervening stretches followed the configuration of the crest of the ridge along the contours of the escarpment." This is the first sentence in the 'Other changes' section. I don't understand it.
6. "...the new project would amount to 200,000". 200,000 what?! Apples? Oranges? I assume it is pounds (£) but am loath to insert it.

As can be seen, there is still quite a bit of work required on this article, but it needs a reference to hand, something that I do not have.

RASAM (talk) 15:49, 26 October 2011 (UTC)