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I have merger a recently-created article, "Vince Voyeur", into this article because they are the same person. I do not know whether the merged article should be under the current name or under the name of the former article because I am not familiar with Mr. Vouyer's œuvre. If the article would be better under the latter, please feel free to move it there. Zeromacnoo 30 June 2005 15:54 (UTC)

Trivia Section[edit]

Is it really appropriate to include such relationship related speculation in an encyclopedia article?

Problem with penis size information[edit]

The information in this article is used as criterion for inclusion in the list at Human penis size#Men famous for their large penis as well as Category:Men with unusually large penis. Now, more than 50 names have been included, and there have been objections raised strong enough that both the list and the category are currently targeted for deletion. Placing this posting uniformly on the talk pages of the articles concerned, I would firstly encourage editors to make sure reliable sourcing is provided to support the claims regarding penis size. Secondly, editors might wish to involve themselves in the discussions taking place at Talk:Human penis size and Wikipedia:Categories for discussion. __meco 14:12, 29 July 2007 (UTC)