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What are his powers?[edit]

Imean it doesn't even hint at them.

his powers + a new appearance[edit]

someone should really at least try to describe his powers.

aarkus appears to be extremely powerful,here a few demostrated powers:

being able to use any source of smoke as a portal to and from his dimension.

the power to turn anyone he touches into ice(demostrated on at least 3 occassions)

apparently super-durable

the power of sensing evil and upcoming mild omnipotence.

apparent telepathy(he can mess with men's minds) example: he once presented an image of himself on the windshield of a man's car, causing the man to crash. i don't know if he actually did this without messing with the man's mind........but it's unlikely he did.

emitting of explosive force. he's emitted an explosive force appearing to come from the whole of his body at least twice in his career. it is apparently extremely powerful. it floored a large team of invaders and the battle axis with ease.

turning into smoke. i believe he did this in Avengers #97

new appearance:

Aarkus has recently appeared in Avengers/Invaders #4, 2008. he has had only a cameo......but he apparently is involved and the plot.......suggesting we will see more of him. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 00:41, 22 September 2008 (UTC)


Aarkus definitely has the ability of mind control. check marvels comics #19

Origin in Character Bio[edit]

As part of Aarkus' origin this sentence stands out as being confusing: While Aarkus is looking for a suitable place to exile a prisoner, he is accidentally contacted by an Earth scientist named Markham Erickson. Leaving the prisoner on the planet Jupiter, Aarkus accepts Erickson's invitation to fight crime on Earth.[1]

First of all, Markham had a very minor role in The Visions 1st appearance, and I don't know that he ever appears in another story. The man who made the machine that made contacting The Vision possible was named Enoch Mason.

Next, there is no mention of The Vision having a prisoner that he was transporting anywhere...or any metions of Jupiter for that matter. I also don't see anyone offering The Vision any invitations to fight crime in our world.

Basically, the whole origin is either wrong, or not the origin presented in the issue cited. (Marvel Mystery Comics #13)

The correct origin is used on this page: [[1]]

 —Preceding unsigned comment added by TheBlueHeel (talkcontribs) 21:38, 7 September 2009 (UTC)