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Gordon Pirie was one of my childhood heroes, (I must do a stub) and his classic encounter with Kuts in th 10,000m is mentioned in the writeup. My recollection is that Kuts later described how Pirie had put him under tremendous pressure and he had looked back 'had there been a glimmer of a smile, Pirie would have won - but all I could see was pain' Am I remembering this all correctly? Linuxlad

Alipius 01:05, 18 October 2007 (UTC) Was not Kuts a naval officer? He is described that way in "The Olympic Games 1956" published just after the games. Also, it was said then that he trained by running around the deck of his battleship.

Was not he also the very first to do a victory lap at an Olympics? I seem to recall seeing him (I was an 8yo) do one more lap but simply because he was enjoying himself so much and just didn't want to stop running! And, nearly 100,000 rose as one to their feet.