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The Russian Wikipedia has little material on the Volga Finns that is worth translating. --Ghirla-трёп- 14:48, 6 July 2008 (UTC)

  • Russian sources are welcome, to combine to that information already in hands. But a lot is still missing and every piece of not yet published information in English Wikipedia is worth of transliteration to English. I have collected summary of the information which was published of Volga Finns up to 1939 from Finnish sources and some interesting details was found.

Volga-Kama Finno-Ugrians[edit]

  • Ar Tatar language name for Udmurt.
  • Arjaani Old Russian name in 1500´s for Udmurt.
  • Besermanni or Bessermanni speaking Udmurt language, but of race notable Mongol-Tatar appearence tribe in Viatka river district. Udmurt call them Busurma´nni.
  • Budin According to Herodotos describtion located to Udmurt.
  • Burtta originally presumably Vurtta. Most southern of Finno Ugrian tribes. Close contacts with Skyytta (Scythians). (In Russian Skif /Skith).
  • Ersä or Erza Mordvin tribe.
  • Handa-hui Ostjakki living on Kama.
  • Hanti self name for Ostjakki.
  • Jaran name used by Ostjakki of Nenetsi.
  • Jugra united name for Obi Ugrians.
  • Jögra Komi name for Obi Ugrians.
  • Karatai Tatarized Mordvins living in Kazan Oblast (Kasaanin lääni).
  • Kumaani, in Old Slavonic name for Kama Permians.
  • Kozla-Mari (larch or forrest Mari) is the self name for Meadow-Mari which are also called Forest-Mari. Sometime also called "Hard Mari".
  • Kuruk-Mari (Hill Mari) is selfname for Vuor (Mountain) Mari living south side of Volga. Sometime called also "Soft Mari".
  • Magyari the name the Hungarians use of themselves, but originally meaning only one of the seven Hungarian tribes, living nearest south of Handa-hui on the south side of Kama and Veher (Belaja) rivers. Moved to Bashkiria. Had connections to Mansi.
  • Manshi self name for Mansi.
  • Meri Russian Merja living between Mordva and Vepsä along Volga.
  • Metserä or Metseri Mordvin heimo (tribe) living north of Ersä and Moksha.
  • Moksha Mordvin tribe.
  • Moska Ancient Meri tribe lived along Moskova river.
  • Mordi Mordva by Jordanes.
  • Mordzkerl (Man of Men) Mordva in Old Prussian language.
  • Mortios (Man) Mordva in Old Lithuanian language.
  • Muromi Mordvin heimo (tribe).
  • Murdasa Bulgarian name for Mordva.
  • Odo Mari name for Udmurt.
  • Onogur or Ongr (Ungr) means ten Hungarian tribes.
  • Otjani (Otiny) name was used by the Russians for Udmurt, become later Votjani, then Votjak.
  • Ostjakki-Nenetsi great Netetsi tribe which lived in ancient times on upper source of Kama.
  • Perma name for Kama Culture. Other versions in different languages; Bermia, Bjarmia, Beorma, Permi, Permu, Perum. In early Novgorodian Annales in 1200s Perem, Perym. later Perma.
  • Permi combined name for Komi, Komi-Permjakki, and Udmurtti.
  • Por Mari name in Udmurt.
  • Sakaliba Arabian name for all Finno Ugrians in Volga-Kama area.
  • Samojedi general name for all Nenetsi tribes.
  • Saran Udmurt name for Komi-Permjakki
  • Sarmys Tsuvassi (Palkar) name for Mari.
  • Syrjääni in Finnish means Komi.
  • Terjuhaani Mordva (Ersä) tribe living in Nishnij Novgorod Oblast. Speaks Russian, but continues to use Mordva customs.
  • Tihveri Karelians Tver Karelians Karelians living in Tver Oblast
  • Tsherem-mes Meadow Man.
  • Tsermes Tatar name for Mari.
  • Tsheremissi Russian name for all Maris.
  • Udmurt self name for Votjakki.
  • Ugri Onogur general name for Hanti, Mansi, and Hungarians.
  • Upo-Mari Eastern Mari living in Bashkiria and western slopes of Urals along Ufa (Uva) River.
  • Vakul Komi name for Mansi.
  • Ves Russian name for Vepsä.
  • Visu Arabian name for Vepsä.
  • Vitka name for Udmurt living along the Vitka (Viatka) river.
  • Vjatitsi or Viatitsi name for Udmurt (and other Finnish tribes) living on the upper source of Oka river.
  • Votjaki Russian name for Udmurt.
  • Zarmis Kasaari (Khazar) name for Mari.
  • Yzmö Nenetsi name for Komi. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 20:43, 13 August 2008 (UTC)