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comments on reorg by user:А[edit]

While I understand the need for standard Wiki entries for all radio and tv stations, the splitting of the WSKG article induces problems. 1) information in the first article was lost after the split, 2) formerly, one could go to one page and see everything about WSKG's various program streams, and organizational structure in a single page, and 3) errors were induced. (e.g., the governing board and license holder is not a "group").

I have added back much of the original information on the WSKG page, however, this no longer fits the definition of a disambig page, so that tag has been deleted.

А, I would like to see some kind of compromise here. I feel all the information should be on a single page. Can we have WSKG-TV, WSKG-FM, and WSQX-FM all redirect to this page? There is simply too much information in common to be on separate pages -- Bhuston 10:11, 23 February 2006 (UTC)

Thanks for asking me to provide feedback, I feel that we can reach a compromise on this. First I'll provide feedback to the problems you addressed by number. 1) I appologize for this, however the only external sources provided were and the information I could cull from the FCC. While I might not have spent as much time tracking down this information I knew that if it was important enough that someone from the community would come along and add it back. 2) I don't think that all of the information present here should be. Namely the info box. It was not designed to be used as it is here with information not just about multiple stations, but multiple types of stations (TV and FM); it is confusing, especilaly if one is not familiar with both the stations talked about and broadcast communication. 3) I took a look at in search of information about the orginizational structure of the group of stations. Finding none I chose to refer to the stations as a "group". I felt that this was a good term to use that wouldn't imply any particular type of management or ownership arrangement, as I could not confirm either. The article should include more information about this situation and provide a source (direct link, not just to confirm it.
As to my concerns, they are: 1) The unorthodox use of this infobox must go. Add any missing information to infoboxes on the individual station articles. 2) The information about the "governing board and license holder" and the group of stations should be on a page named something other than WSKG. If all of these stations used this as a callsign, I could understand using this as the page, however it is both non-factual and non-conventional here on Wikipedia. 3) Cite all sources. If there were more informative sources about certain aspects of this group of stations and the governing board there of, I would not have been so hesitant to include that information on the pages I created.
Compromise. I disagree that all of the information should be on one page. This is a PBS TV station, an NPR radio station, and a classical radio station; this alone is enough make them each notable to the point of necessitating seperate articles. What they do have in common is this management board that governs them, this is fairly unique and should have an article about it. This article should be about the arrangement and how the stations are related, a blurb about each of them, and then links to each stations article. I am opposed to having the stations just be redirects for these reasons.
What I propose is to 1) Move the information about the governing board, and the aspects that these stations have in common to a new page; WSKG Broadcasting, The WSKG station group, or perhaps the redlink you have on the page now WSKG Public Telecommunications Council (drop the ',inc.'), would be good names for this article. I'm very flexable on the name aspect. 2) Remove the infobox from any page about more then one station. Add infoboxes to the two FM articles. 3) Put a disambig page at WSKG with a large first link pointing to the page with the shared information, and then two or three other links to the WSKG stations and perhaps WSQX-FM. 4) Add future information pertaining to just one of the three to that station's article.
I feel that these measures will help increase the readablilty of the information about these stations, and will bring them inline with Wikipedia standards. Bhuston, I am anxious to hear your reply. —A 20:25, 23 February 2006 (UTC)
Here's my suggestion:
DHowell 21:50, 2 March 2006 (UTC)