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It has been errantly reported in earlier versions of this article that WONS was a repeater/translator for WNGS channel 67 in Springville, NY. While WONS had an agreement to share the UPN network affiliation with WNGS in order for the network line-up to be available in the Greater Olean area, WONS was never a repeater/translator for WNGS. WONS placed the channel 67 logo on the lower right-hand corner of the screen during the UPN programming blocks in order for WNGS to receive the ratings credit for those who had Nielsen ratings diaries. No other WNGS programming was ever broadcast by WONS. The station discontinued the UPN programming when WNGS was given cable carriage in the Olean area to eliminate the duplicate programming.

Also, the date given for the first sign-on is inaccurate. The article states that the station first signed on the air March 7, 1986. That is the date the license was awarded. The station didn't actually begin regular broadcasting until November or December of 1986. I don't recall the exact date. I started working at WONS (then known as W20AB channel 20) in January 1987 and left in July 2000. RevJPW (talk) 18:12, 26 November 2009 (UTC)